Monday, October 24, 2016

seo for your website

Hello friends My Name is Praveen Kumar Singh From VRC Websolution. and I am Gonna Tell You About The S.E.O Term In Website, S.E.O Stands Search Engine Optimization it means the search engine like:-
when you searching any topic on google and result show on very first page like
and the result shows like:-
You Also Tried this you search on google VRC Websolution and the result shows above picture and the S.E.O can optimize your website and shows your website on first page.
S.E.O has two Types 
1.On Page S.E.O
2.Off Page S.E.O
  • On Page S.E.O:- As Naming The S.E.O doing on html page is known as On Page S.E.O this is very Important Factor Of Any Web Designer such terms are happen:
  • meta tag
  • keep consentrate the title
  • how to unique describe about business
  • how to use h1-h6 tags
  • img alt keywords

Off Page S.E.O :- Off page seo is doing work without on page seo. such term keyword are using on off page seo

  • Back Links
  • PPC(pay par Click)
  • Adwords
  • Webmaster
  • Google Analitical
  • maping
  • social media linking
now we discussed about 

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